2 Pack Faraday Key Fob Protector, RFID Key Fob Protector Pouch, Faraday Bag Anti-Theft RFID Blocking EMF Cage for Keyless Car Key

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Brand: Tuulin

2 Pack Faraday Key Fob Protector, RFID Key Fob Protector Pouch, Faraday Bag Anti-Theft RFID Blocking EMF Cage for Keyless Car Key

Secure your car before its too late! Keep your vehicle protected with the Tuulin RFID Signal Blocking Keyless Entry Car Key Faraday Pouch

What is a Faraday Bag?
It is a structure that blocks the passage of radio signals.

Why do you need the Faraday Bag?
The latest generation of car thieves are using RFID key signal cloning devices, a clever tool used to copy the signal emitted by your keyless entry car key fob, allowing them access to your vehicle and in some cases,giving them the ability to drive away your pride and joy, all without you suspecting a thing.

Will it work with my key?
Our RFID signal blocking faraday key pouch will always keep you one step ahead of the thieves. Our key pouch is a universally compatible key fob wallet and it will safely store almost any manufacturers key fobs, protecting the keys radio frequency identification 'RFID' signal from cloning devices.

Why Tuulin?
We are the first manufacturer to research faraday bag.After years of experience, we listened to the needs of many customers and developed a more durable and higher quality car keys faraday pouch. A common complaint about many of our competitor's products is poor durability, TUULIN car keys faraday pouch can be purchased with confidence.

Retail Package Includes:
2 x RFID Blocking Farday Bag;
Dimensions : 15cm x 10cm with the flap closed. (key fob in picture excluded)

Tips: Please do not wash the faraday bag; keep the interior dry, or it may lose signal-blocking function.

  • SECURE YOUR CAR BEFORE ITS TOO LATE - Simply place the car key fob into the faraday bag and you're protected. No worry about thieves amplifying your fob signal and opening car any more, effectively stop your keyless entry fobs from being remotely accessed.
  • LUXURY, FUNCTIONALITY AND STYLISH- Lanpard faraday bag combina high quality carbon microfiber and signal blocker material to protect your car key fob. Inner key chain improvement.
  • ONE FIT ALL - Perfectly sized at 14cm x 9cm, our products are designed and tested 99 brands and models of car to ensure the maximum protection.
  • DOUBLE PACK - We provide two pouches so you can protect an additional key in your household. Please remember to also keep your SPARE key protected.
  • 100 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We are so certain you will love our product that we offer a money back guarantee if you are unhappy for any reason.