Bampooch Bamboo Dog Brush and Cat Brushes for grooming - Rounded Bristles, Natural Rubber - Grooming Tools for All Hair or Fur Types for a Glossy, Shiny Coat - Dog brush for shedding

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Brand: Bampooch

Bampooch Bamboo Dog Brush and Cat Brushes for grooming - Rounded Bristles, Natural Rubber - Grooming Tools for All Hair or Fur Types for a Glossy, Shiny Coat - Dog brush for shedding



??HEALTHY, SHINY FUR: Bampooch?™s ?‹pet brush ?‹with ?‹rubber ?‹padding and tipped bamboo bristles gently detangles and promotes blood circulation, distributing your pet?™s natural oils and promoting shine and gloss of your animal?™s coat.

??SAFE NON-PLASTIC: Our ?‹brush for shedding short hair ?‹and long hair is the ideal grooming comb??because it is crafted using natural, vegan materials. This ?‹undercoat dog??and ?‹cat brush??is safe for your furry friend.

??DURABLE FOR LONG-LASTING PERFORMANCE: You want what is best for your pet without breaking the bank. Bampooch's Bamboo ?‹large brush for dogs that shed??is made with high-quality materials and will last for years of ?‹grooming??

??FITS ALL TYPES OF FUR: If your pet is a ?‹long-haired??Himalayan cat, a coarse-haired??Boxer?? a??curly-haired Poodle?? or a ?‹tangled hair German Shepard??- this multipurpose ?‹pet grooming accessory??is perfect for you.

??SHOW THEM YOU CARE: Bampooch?™s ?‹shedding dog brushes ?‹maintain control of unwanted household hair, while gently massaging your furry friend. The natural rubber cushion, specifically spaced bristles, and vent hole contour all bodies and fur types.



  • The first benefit your pet will get from Bampooch brushes is its massaging effect. Unlike plastic, wire or boar hair brushes, the rounded bamboo bristles stimulates the circulation on the skin without the scraping feeling. Also, it doesn?™t harbor smell, which makes it very easy to clean.



  • Our Bampooch brush is also great in removing knots and tangles without too much pulling. The bamboo pins glide smoothly through the messiest of pet?™s fur. This translates to a more enjoyable grooming experience for both you and your pooch.



  • Our Bampooch brush is made from durable bamboo making it suitable to use for brushing and de-tangling wet wet or dry fur.

Non - Plastic Packaging


* Your new Bampooch Brush is packaged and delivered to you a plastic free cornstarch bag making our brush the perfect choice in helping reduce plastic waste and landfill- a brighter future for generations to come.

Easy to Clean


* Our Bampooch brushes are easy to clean. Use warm soapy water, rinse and simply hang from the convenient rope in fresh air to dry.

* Ensure to squeeze excess water from the rubber vent hole prior to hanging to dry.

From Bampooch Founder

"Thank you for taking the time to review our Bampooch Brush. My dream was to create a pet brush that was not only beneficial for our pet's fur and skin but also our planet. With so much plastic waste, I was determined to try and help make a difference. Hence, Bampooch was born. We are a small family business and take pride in our product and aim to deliver an outstanding pet brush that will bring years of love and bonding during grooming with our customers and their pooches"

Best wishes,

Deborah - Founder, Bampooch

  • PAMPER PERFECT Pets love quality time with you. Love them back with a relaxing brush massage. Natural bamboo, round-tip bristles feel great on skin. Perfect dog brush for long haired dogs and dog brush for short haired dogs. Excellent cat brush for long hair and dog brush for shedding. Very gentle rounded bristle dog brush especially for double coat.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY Enjoy the outdoors as much as your puppy does. Designed with only natural and renewable products for our vegan and planet conscious friends.
  • ERGONOMIC An extra-long curved handle allows precision grooming that is easy on your arms and won't slip in your hand while bathing. Beautiful dog brushes for grooming large dogs including german shepherd. Best pet brush for goldendoodle. Very gentle puppy brush
  • COMFORT Our natural bamboo wood brushes reduce static that can be caused by brushing, allowing a pleasant instead of shocking experience. Gentle dog grooming brushes for long haired dogs. The perfect poodle brushes for grooming poodles and great detangling brush for dogs. As it can be used on wet or dry fur makes the perfect dog washing brush.
  • 100 SATISFACTION We love our customers as much as their pets do Our brush is an outstanding pet grooming tool. If you're not completely satisfied just send it back for a full refund