Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Women Men - Anti Blue Ray Computer Gaming Glasses - Transparent UV Lenses

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Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Women Men - Anti Blue Ray Computer Gaming Glasses - Transparent UV Lenses

What is blue light?

Not all colors of light have the same effect. Blue wavelengths?”which are beneficial during daylight hours because they boost attention, reaction times, and mood?”seem to be the most disruptive at night. And the proliferation of electronics with screens, as well as energy-efficient lighting, is increasing our exposure to blue wavelengths, especially after sundown

Blue light is everywhere.

Most notably, the display screens of computers, electronic notebooks, smartphones and other digital devices emit significant amounts of blue light.

The amount of HEV light these devices emit is only a fraction of that emitted by the sun. But the amount of time people spend using these devices and the proximity of these screens to the user's face have many eye doctors and other health care professionals concerned about possible long-term effects of blue light on eye health.

How Does Blue Light Affect the Eyes?

Almost all visible blue light passes through the cornea and lens and reaches the retina. This light may affect vision and could prematurely age the eyes.

Digital eyestrain: Blue light from computer screens and digital devices can decrease contrast leading to digital eyestrain. Fatigue, dry eyes, bad lighting, or how you sit in front of the computer can cause eyestrain. Symptoms of eyestrain include sore or irritated eyes and difficulty focusing.

Our eyes are unable to block blue light naturally

Did you know that UV light is blocked from entering our eyes? Less than one percent ever makes it to the inner eye. In comparison, almost 100 percent of blue light reaches the retina and can damage light-sensitive cells. Over time, this may cause ular degeneration. The result can be permanent eye damage or, in extreme cases, even blindness.

Clear eye technology

FDA REGISTERED: Cloudfield uv computer glasses for men women also called fakes glasses are FDA registered which provides product quality and safety for your eyes. A recent study shows that digital devices, nowadays, are the biggest offenders in emitting this harmful light. Devices which include:

  • GPS Devices
  • Laptops
  • LCD & LED Screens
  • Smartphones
  • Televisions

Key features of our product

Black Frame Amber Blue Light Lenses Transparent Frame Blue Light Filter Technology ??????Low Color Discoloration Lenses ??????Storage Case ??????Pouch Bag ??????Cleaning Cloth ??????
  • REDUCE EYESTRAIN Cloudfield blue-light blocking glasses for men and women will help bulletproof your eyes from eye fatigue and blurred vision. Blue-light blocking glasses can also help you maintain healthy eyes by reducing exposure to high energy blue light.
  • SLEEP BETTER Blue blocker computer glasses can reduce eye strain and headache, so you can enjoy a restful deeper sleep. Our blue blocker glasses men women can also help you get to sleep faster.
  • LOW COLOR DISTORTION LENS Our reading glasses or gaming glasses with little to no tint are optimized to provide the perfect balance between eye protection and viewing quality.
  • FITS PERFECTLY WITH NO ADJUSTMENTS NEEDED Non-prescription glasses fit perfectly and look good on everyone thanks to thorough research and testing done before the launch of nerd glasses for women men.
  • COMES WITH A LOT OF INCLUSIONS Each pair of Cloudfield glasses comes with a high-quality case, pouch, and microfiber cleaning cloth for easy storage and maintenance of your sunglasses and also a UV-light testing kit.