CAT TAILER The Small and Light Bluetooth Waterproof Cat Tracker with 328 ft Range and 6 Month Battery Life | NOT a GPS Locator

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CAT TAILER The Small and Light Bluetooth Waterproof Cat Tracker with 328 ft Range and 6 Month Battery Life | NOT a GPS Locator

Keep tabs on your tabby, tuxedo, or any cat!

The easy, reliable solution that tails your cat, Cat Tailer! Do you have trouble finding your cat when you want her to come inside? Does your cat wander off and ignore your calls? Cat Tailer broadcasts a very low energy wireless homing beacon that is picked up by your smartphone. Based on the strength of the signal, the Cat Tailer smartphone application determines approximately how far you are from your pet. Cat Tailer is not GPS. It does not provide information about the precise location of your pet. Rather, Cat Tailer is an effective method for finding your pet within your yard or neighborhood. Working without GPS allows Cat Tailer to be small, have very long battery life and not hinder your pet?™s natural movements.

Setting up your Cat Tailer

Name the Tailer

Customize your Cat Tailer's entry with your cat's name and photo, making it easier to identify them if you're using multiple Cat Tailers (iOS version shown, Android is similar)

Shows Distance and Battery

We are not a tape measure! The app shows the approximate distance based on signal strength to aid in finding your pet. Simply walk in the direction that is indicated to be closer (iOS version shown. Android app will have similar look in 2.0 release late March 2019)

Get Notifications

Get notifications on your phone or tablet when your cat is in range or nearby (compatible for both iOS and Android devices) (iOS version shown, Android app also has option for "Out Of Range" and "Both")

Add Additional Cat Tailers

Add as many Cat Tailers as cats you have then sort them as you please! (Sorting options are the same for both iOS and Android)

Cat Tailer to the rescue!

  • For cats big and small
    • Lightweight and small enough for any cat any age and size. If they can wear it, you can tail it!
  • Durable and reliable
    • Waterproof, droolproof, catproof, you can count on your Cat Tailer to keep working even if they're up to their whiskers in who knows what
  • Battery power for months not days
    • Battery that lasts 6 months without needing a change so your kitty can keep on going. Battery is user replaceable and of a common variety (CR1632).
  • No fees, no subscriptions, free app!
    • Absolutely easy to find your cat when you use the Cat Tailer in conjunction with our free app

Tips for finding your cat with Cat Tailer

  • Use the main scan screen of the app. This reports once per second information about your Cat Tailer. Background monitoring reports less frequently at 1 to 3 minute intervals.
  • First check inside your home. Then...
  • Continue your search outside. The walls of your home will reduce Cat Tailer's range. Get outside!


  • Using the app check if they are in range in front and in back of your home.
  • Next expand your search by walking around your community.
  • Walking around increases the chances of your phone having line of sight to the Cat Tailer. Thus this will increase the effective range and help you find your pet.


  • Once it shows "in range". Walk in the direction that is indicated closer.
  • Don't despair if it shows "out of range" again. Retrace your steps till it is in range again. Then consider the areas you can see.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings when using the Cat Tailer, avoid letting the app be a distraction!

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 1.08" in diameter
  • Weight: 0.28 oz.
  • Range: 328 ft (100 meters)
  • Battery: Included CR1632
  • What we are not!
  • Cat Tailer is not a measuring device. Distance information is only approximate and will vary.
  • We are not a mapping device. We do NOT have GPS and cannot provide a map with your pet's location.
  • Like all wireless devices cars, trees, houses, and hills will reduce Cat Tailer's range considerably

Cat Tailer Cares

Keeping pets safe and happy is our most important goal, and that?™s why we made Cat Tailer. We too know what it?™s like to worry when they?™re outside in a storm, when they haven?™t been seen for hours, or just because we miss them. Our mission is to give you the piece of mind that your pet is close by and that there?™s no need to worry.

Waterproof ????Lightweight ????Durable ????
  • SMALL AND LIGHT WEIGHT PET TRACKING DEVICE Our Cat Tailers are incredibly small. Your pet won't even notice they're wearing it Our stylish yet functional device will provide you with the peace of mind you need for your pet's location.
  • LONG RANGE BLUETOOTH TRACKING DEVICE The Cat Tailer ranges up to 328 feet under line of sight conditions working indoors and outdoors. Please note ALL wireless devices have their range impacted by the environment, car, trees, houses, hills, even WiFi activity and which way you or your pet are facing will reduce this range considerably.
  • NOT A GPS LOCATOR Our Cat Tailer pet tracking device DOES NOT USE GPS. We operate solely on a bluetooth signal. You will notice your distance ranges depending on your visibilty. Remember playing hot and cold as a child? It is very similar to that game We do not utilize an exact map location, but rather an approximate distance provided in feet between you and your pet.
  • SILICONE SLEEVE REPLACEMENTS NOW AVAILABLE Did you already purchase a Cat Tailer and are now looking for a replacement for your silicone sleeve? Well we finally listed a two pack of sleeve replacements which should last your pet two years Just type 'Cat Tailer Silicone Sleeve Replacement' into your search bar to find it. You can also click into our Cat Tailer storefront to easily access the listing.
  • 100 SATISFACTION GUARANTEE At Cat Tailer, we have a passion for keeping humans and their furry friends together. If you are having any trouble getting your device set up or working properly, please contact Cat Tailer Support directly and we will assist you one-on-one to make sure you are getting the most out of your tracker before making a return. We offer a FREE ONE YEAR WARRANTY with your purchase. There is no need is purchase any additional protection plan.