COACOS Bubble Yellow Mello Bath Balm, 140g, 1 ea

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COACOS Bubble Yellow Mello Bath Balm

140 g x 1 pc


Citric acid, glycerin, trehalose, jojoba seed oil, fragrance, lavender oil, argan kernel oil, sunflower seed oil, sweet almond oil, macadamia oil,
lemon peel oil.


1. The sweet vanilla scent and refreshing lemon scent help recover from fatigue and make the skin soft and elastic.
2. It is a natural ingredient that can be used safely by the whole family.

How to use:

1. Cut the whole body bath (full), half body bath (1/2), foot bath (1/3) according to the purpose of use!
2. When filling water, pour warm water at 45 angles with a shower over the bath balm to make the bubbles more abundant.
3. After taking a bubble bath for about 15-20 minutes, take a light shower with clean water and you're done!


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