DS Laboratories Spectral.CSF - Women?™s anti-aging therapy for thinning hair, 2 Ounce / 60 Milliliter

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  • THINNING HAIR AND HAIR LOSS PREVENTION ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN. Factors unique to women's hair loss include follicular bulb size, hormonal fluctuation, scalp sensitivity, and styling practices. Spectral.CSF hair-revitalizing treatment results from biotech research specific to female hair growth.
  • LIGHT, TRANSPARENT FORMULA WON'T CRAMP YOUR STYLE. Style your hair however you like. Spectral.CSF remains lighter and less visible, compared to men's hair loss formulas, while it delivers cutting-edge technologies to boost hair growth, fiber density, and tensile strength.
  • INDICATED FOR WOMEN'S HAIR SHEDDING, BREAKING, AGING. When every day becomes a bad hair day ??getting thin, breaking short, looking old ??women can arrest the signs of alopecia to restore volume, shine, and strength to hair.
  • FEMALE PATTERN BALDNESS. Unlike the typical male pattern, women's hair loss is more diffuse across the scalp and may include shedding due to hormonal fluctuation, vitamin deficiency, medication, or stress.
  • ADVANCED NANOSOME INGREDIENT DELIVERY. Our proprietary Nanosome delivery technology encapsulates key compounds in microscopic liposomes to penetrate deeper into epidermal cells for maximum hair growth results.

model number: SG_B00UNHWEHW_US

Part Number: Spectral CSF

Details: According to recent studies, 60% of women experience noticeable hair loss by the age of 40. The American Hair Loss Association recognizes that hair loss in women is a serious life-altering condition that can no longer be ignored. DS Laboratories after years of investigation addresses this problem with Spectral.CSF, a novel treatment that helps women achieve a fuller, thicker look. Women concerned about diffuse hair loss, thinning hair, fragile hair, or androgenic alopecia (female pattern baldness) choose this water-based hair-loss treatment to support follicle health without heavy buildup or ingredients for men.

Package Dimensions: 5.3 x 3.9 x 2.4 inches