ELV Self Retractable ID Badge Holder Key Reel, Heavy Duty, 32 Inches Cord, Carabiner Key Chain Keychain, Hold Up to 15 Keys and Tools (2 Pack)

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Brand: ELV

ELV Self Retractable ID Badge Holder Key Reel, Heavy Duty, 32 Inches Cord, Carabiner Key Chain Keychain, Hold Up to 15 Keys and Tools (2 Pack)

Secure Keys, IDs and More!

Do you often find yourself reaching for a set of keys, ID card or badge throughout your workday? Every time you reach for those keys & cards, the greater the chance of forgetting something or dropping something important. With this retractable key & ID holder, you’ll never have to fumble through your pockets for what you need! With your keys & badges securely attached, you do not need to worry about misplacing important personal items.

Smooth & Silent Cord Pull

There’s nothing worse than cheap quality badge holders with plastic cords that snag and squeal every time you use them! We know that quality matters for active daily use. That’s why we’ve engineered this cord for superior durability and supreme satisfying smoothness every time you pull with strong steel cord.

Impact Resistant & Weatherproof

Designed with a durable ABS casing that’s impact-resistant and weatherproof for use in any active indoor or outdoor environment:

  • Residential construction sites
  • Industrial manufacturing plants
  • Commercial & retail spaces
  • Bars & restaurants
  • Offices & classrooms
  • Hiking & camping
  • Hunting & fishing

Designed with Carabiner

We provide a durable carabiner that is made of zinc alloy to allow for more options when adapting to different situations and occasions. Whether you’re working in a classroom, the medical field, an office, or even outdoors, this badge reel can be used on pants or backpack to help keep your valuable items close to you.

  • EASILY ACCESS KEYS & BADGES - Keep all your keys in one place and your work ID badge easily accessible with this retractable badge holder. It's the perfect organizational tool for office environments, commercial & industrial job sites, contracting projects and organizing personnel for large events.
  • ULTIMATE VERSATILITY - Experience superior versatile functionality with a hook design that lets you attach not just keys & ID cards but also small tools like pliers, nail clippers, pocket knives, flashlights, screwdrivers, bottle openers, multi-tools and more
  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION - Our retractable badge holder is engineered with a 32 inches high grade cable that extends & glides smoothly for easy access and won't wear out with regular daily use.
  • INCLUDE HEAVTY DUTY CARABINER - Our carabiner is crafted from high quality material that holds up under the toughest conditions.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We are a long-time American Amazon Seller with a high customer satisfaction rating. If you encounter any issues, please contact us for a 100 Guaranteed Refund or Replacement