Enviromedica Immunoflora Immune System Booster innate & Adaptive Defense Immune Support with LC-Plasma ??allergen-Friendly Natural paraprobiotic for Women, Men, & Kids - 30 Ct.

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Brand: Enviromedica

Enviromedica Immunoflora Immune System Booster innate & Adaptive Defense Immune Support with LC-Plasma ??allergen-Friendly Natural paraprobiotic for Women, Men, & Kids - 30 Ct.

Comprehensive Immune System Support with Enviromedica

When your immune system is weak, you?™re more susceptible to feeling stressed, sick, and sluggish. Boost your body when you increase immune system function with Immunoflora by Enviromedica. Unlike zinc, vitamin C, elderberry or probiotic supplements, this unique immune support product activates both your innate and adaptive immune systems, your body?™s 1st and 2nd lines of defense.

Even just hundreds of years ago, our ancestors harvested food from the ground, and straight to the table, receiving body-boosting support from nutrient dense food the way nature intended. This connection to the earth is vital to our health, but missing from our modern lives. That?™s why at Enviromedica, we support your digestive and immune health with supplements without any fillers, stearates, or GMOs? —helping you to recapture the vitality of our ancestors.

Comprehensive System Support

Most immune booster supplements support only part of this response. Instead, reinforce your immune system with Immunoflora. LC-Plasma (Lactococcus lactis strain Plasma) with Larch Arabinogalactan activates our vital pDCs or plasytoid dendritic cells. Activate your critical immune cells for superior, broad-spectrum support with Immunoflora.

Powerful Paraprobiotic Activates Immunity

Immunoflora may contain 50 mg. of Lactococcus lactis strain Plasma (LC-Plasma)?”a powerful paraprobiotic, but it doesn?™t replace your adult and kids probiotic supplement. In fact, it?™s an inactive, heat-killed strain that provides unmatched immune system support and pairs perfectly with your favorite probiotic.

Prebiotics with Purpose

When your gut health is weak, your overall health suffers. Up your gut-immune system with paraprobiotics for kids and adults featuring 350 mg of Larch Arabinogalactan, a healing prebiotic known to:

??Nourish your gut by enriching beneficial flora

??Support a healthy gut lining

??Provide overall immune system support

Clinically Tested

Immunoflora is known for its targeted system support. But don?™t just take our word for it. It?™s proven to benefit your body through 9 clinical trials with human subjects.

Ingredients with Intention

Many supplements contain questionable ingredients, but not Enviromedica?™s. We make our products with purpose?”and without any GMOs, stearates, or fillers all in a plant-cellulose capsule.

One A Day, for Any Age

It's never too early or too late to step up your health. Your Enviromedica immune support supplement is suitable for kids, adults, and seniors, lending comprehensive support at any age.

Drink Up

Struggling to swallow supplements? Support your immune system with the supplement you can stir into your favorite hot or cold beverage and take morning or night.

Potent Paraprobiotic Immune Activator

Requires No Refrigeration

  • Immunity booster to support optimal health with Immunoflora supplements by Enviromedica
  • Complete care to assist your natural, innate and adaptive immune systems with LC-Plasma
  • Good gut, good defense to gain gut health and immune health with larch arabinogalactan prebiotic
  • Plus, studies show Immunoflora promotes productivity and healthy skin
  • This immune system booster is allergen free, contains no dairy, gluten, corn, sugar, soy, or tree nuts