Family Size - Vitamin C 1000mg - Ascorbic Acid - RedoxC - Oxidative Stress and Redox Balance - Stress - Antioxidant - Immune

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Brand: Lifted Naturals

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  • PROPER REDOX BALANCE helps maintain a healthy body during oxidative stress. REDOX balance through vitamin C helps reduce oxidation in the cells.*
  • VITAMIN C as Ascorbic Acid reduces the presence of reactive oxygen species in the body*
  • ASCORBIC ACID, not whole Vitamin C, is what our bodies need to help reduce oxidative stress. The human body is designed to work with ascorbic acid ONLY.*
  • REDOXC is a dietary supplement based on years of research. To create this product, we?™ve closely followed years of research on Vitamin C, which demonstrates how taking the right amount of Ascorbic Acid can provide immense benefits in maintaining a healthy body.*

Part Number: LN-RXC1000

Details: OXIDATIVE STRESS is The Problem Long-term oxidative stress not only contributes to the aging process, but it also leads to the development of a wide array of health conditions like chronic inflammation, Alzheimer?™s disease, Parkinson?™s disease, cancer, diabetes, heart problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, arthritis, cataracts and many more. What does VITAMIN C have to do with OXIDATIVE STRESS? There has been extensive research on the benefits of taking vitamin C to combat oxidative stress. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that will help prevent the process of oxidation, which is the chemical reaction that damages the cells, DNA, and protein in the body. MORE About Vitamin C Vitamin C plays a huge role in immune stimulation, collagen synthesis, iron absorption, creation of neurotransmitters, hormones, and regenerating antioxidants. The question is, WHAT DOESN?™T vitamin c do?! More than anything, vitamin C helps with the redox balance. Redox stands for reduction + oxidation. As long as vitamin C helps in reducing oxidation, the body becomes healthier and stronger. LIFTED introduces redoxC! Here at LIFTED, we are completely committed to helping you feel better, naturally. That means helping with you mood, energy, and the prevention of disease. RedoxC 1000mg will be your partner in keeping you healthy and energized; making sure there won?™t be an excessive amount of free radicals wreaking havoc inside your body. RedoxC protects your cells, DNA, and protein from oxidative damage, thereby reducing your chances of developing chronic diseases. Not only is RedoxC an effective scavenger, but it will also help the body?™s cells to heal and regenerate.

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