Medi Flower Large Capacity Cream Modeling Pack V Lifting, 700g, 1pc

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Medi Flower Large Capacity Cream Modeling Pack V Lifting

700 g x 1 pc


Agent 1: Purified water, glycerin, butylene glycol, algin, maltodextrin, clofenesin, allatoin, spanish licorice root extract, ginger extract, schisandra chinensis extract, yellow lotus root extract, green tea extract, propolis wax, centella asiatica extract, camellia Tree flower extract, port marigold flower extract.
Agent 2: Glucose, Calcium Sulfate, Corn Starch, Niacinamide, Allantoin, Purified Water, Lotus Extract, Provence Rose Flower Extract, Camellia Flower Extract, Tea Flower Extract, Hyacinth Outlet Extract, Borage Extract.


1. Alginate's moisturizing and nourishing cream base provides a deep moisturizing feel to dry skin.
2. Low-molecular hydrolyzed collagen ingredients and two peptide ingredients make the skin firm and firm.
3. A flower complex containing camellia flower extract and port marigold extract provides rich nutrition to add radiance to the skin.
4. The complex formulated with 5 plant ingredients soothes the skin and makes the skin healthy.

How to use:

1. Take about 35g of the gel-type agent 1 and one tablespoon (about 2g) of the powder-type agent into a mixing bowl and mix for about 40 seconds.
2. Apply the mixed modeling pack to your face with a spatula and remove after about 20 to 30 minutes. 3. Remove the hardened pack and finish with a basic skin.


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