Mini Voice Activated Recorder, 16GB Super Long 500 Hours Recording Capacity, 365 Standby Battery, Audio Sound Recording Continuous Listening Device with Strong Magnetic (Black-52 16GB)

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Brand: Hfuear

Mini Voice Activated Recorder, 16GB Super Long 500 Hours Recording Capacity, 365 Standby Battery, Audio Sound Recording Continuous Listening Device with Strong Magnetic (Black-52 16GB)

Looking for mini size and discreet voice recording device in the world? - Hfuear Long Hours Mini Voice Recorder is exactly what you need!

Small yet powerful, the recorder with 16GB built in memory and 3200mAh support long time recording and up tp 360 days standby time.

  • 16GB Large Capacity: Store 1160 Hours of recording files.
  • Recording Method: One-Key normal recording / Voice activated recording / One-Key Saving
  • Playback Way: Voice recorder with earphones for quick playback/ play on computer(WAV format - use Player support this format)
  • Voice Activated Recorder: Factory defaults to close it ( VOR = 0)1-7:Sensitivity of VOR, 7 is biggest. (Set up at "FACTORY" file)
  • 3200mAh Large Battery: Fully charged in 8-10 Hours(5V 1A), it can record continuously for about 500 Hours.
  • File Management: view/delete/playback recording files on the All Android Phone / MAC / Windows Computer (! iPhone Not Support)
  • OTG Function: Quick file transfer/view via phone, only support android phone w/ OTG function (can’t operate software via phone)
  • Time Stamp: Recording files are named by date and time format for easy searching(Need Set up before first use)
  • Magnetic Absorption: attachable to metal surface, hide in car, under desk, bed etc.
  • Instruction Guide: check "video instruction" and many "digital instruction file" at recorder's drive at computer.
  • Key Functions of Hfuear Mini Digital Voice Recorder

    Long Distance Recording

    High sensitive microphone make the record voice within 15-50ft clear,match with remote listening device for remote monitor and magnetic features make it can be put anywhere you want

    Charging While Recording

    The function can allow you to continue recording when charging the device. Record anytime you want. Please make sure to charge first and then start recording as instructed.

    Recording While Listening

    The content being recorded can be heard through a pair of headphones, you won’t miss any important part even though during the recording process.

    Long Time Recording

    The voice recorder with 3200mAh battery allows maximum 365 days stand by time, continuous recording for over 72 hours at high quality after each fully powered.

    Long Distance Recording

    Comes with one button and unique line control. By pushing on/off button, you can quickly start/save recording. Playback is operated by line control which make the operation much easier

    OTG Connection

    Support quick file transmission from the device to phone through OTG function. With our included Type-C/Android adapter, view or play/delete files directly on Android Phone.

    Segment Recording

    Intelligent segmentation function, can automatically segment according to the recording time, and automatically generate a file every 5 hours. Easy for file management.

    Time Stamp File

    Recording file are named by date & time for easy management on computer. File are in WAV format. Open recording file via Player support WAV format.

    Long Hours Voice Recorder & Amazing!


    • Large Memory: 16GB, large storage capacity
    • Mini Dimensions: 2.9 x 0.8 x 0.75 inch, easy to carry, fits well anywhere.
    • Recording File Format: WAV, open with Player support WAV format.
    • Good Quality: aluminum casing with strong resistance.
    • Battery: 3200mAh, support long hours recording.
    • System Compatibility: Windows XP/7/8/10; Mac OS; Android; etc
    • Applicable Scene: Ideal for Lecture Interview Meeting Class ect
    • Applicable to: Lawyer Reporter Professor Student ect

    Packages Include

    • 1 x Digital voice recorder
    • 1 x White USB cable, 1 x Line control
    • 1 x Earphone (Free gift)
    • 1 x 2-in-1 OTG cable
    • 1 x USB Drive with Instruction Video (Free gift)
    • 1 x User Manual, 1 x Service Card
    • Check "Digital Instruction Files" at computer if have any problem.
    Mini Recorder - Q520 Mini Recorder - Q630 Mini Recorder - Q250 Mini Recorder - QS2 Mini Recorder - QS1 Mini Recorder - QS21 Battery life 500h 24h 26h 24h 26h 26h Weight 79g 11g 17g 33g 15g 26g RAM 16GB 16GB 32GB 32GB 32GB 32GB Recording Capacity 1160h 192h 384h 384h 384h 384h Operation Method One Key Operation One Key Operation One Key Operation One Key Operation One Key Operation One Key Operation Recording Format WAV WAV WAV/MP3 WAV WAV WAV

    Important Tips When Use the Device

    • Set Time: Use "Time Synchronization Tool" for Window computer, Use "FACTORY" file for Mac Computer.
    • Voice Activated Recording: 2 ways to open VOR mode. Device: Set up at device(follow user manual). Computer: open [USB DISK]-[FACTORY.txt] , Factory default off voice activation is [Vor:0] --> to open VOR mode, change number [Vor:1-7] ; Ctrl+S Save. 1-7 is sensitivity of VOR. Recommend set up at 3 or 4 if open VOR mode.
    • Recording: Try to avoid noise, please do not touch or rub the clothes while recording, and keep it in a stable position; suggest playback with good sound quality earphone. Recording distance depends on the sound size, close recording is recommended.
    • Playback WAV Recording: [DEVICE'S DRIVER "VOICE"] - [RECORD] - [VOICE] - [Open with] - [Windows Media Player/VLC Media Player/Music] Windows 10 GROOVE player not support WAV format. For Window, use "Windows Media Player" ; for Mac, download VLC Media Player.
    • Working problem: Check power and memory before use; record at suggested distance and sound level; follow instruction to format or reboot the recorder, let us know your problem with detail; replacement or refund provided.
    • Charging: Use original USB cable;charge at 500mA-100mA and under 5V if charge by charger; suggest charge by computer; Charge at 5-10 hours for first charge
    • Connect to Computer: Use original USB cable when connect to computer; Before connecting to computer/phone, please turn off the voice recorder, otherwise it cannot be recognized; try another usb port; check support compatible computer system;
    • "Encryption Tool, Reboot Tool and Time Synchronization Tool" Support: ONLY Windows Computer (!!! Not Support MAC / iOS / Android) (Please Google search to know: "MAC not support EXE file")
    • Please refer to user manual or instruction video at "Related Video" carefully when use the device. Check with us if have problems.

    • Professional Voice Recorder- The hfuear voice recorder has flawless recording quality with an authentic stereo experience. Advanced chip and noise reduction make you enjoy crystal HD sound recording and playback for class, lectures, meeting, speech, interviews, obtain evidence etc.
    • 1160 Hours Long-time Recording- Large capacity rechargeable 3200mAh battery of this sound recorder allows maximum 365 days stand by time, continuous recording for about 300 hours after each fully powered 16GB memory can totally store up to 1160 hours recording files at 32kbps. A password locking also makes your voice recorder a safe and secret keeper (set up at computer).
    • Mini & Easy to Use Activated Recorder- This mini voice recorder is lightweight and portable, handy and easy to fit in pocket or palm Very easy to use, Press on button to save and off button to save. Audio sound activated can record loud enough sound when sound is detected.
    • Strong Magnetic Absorption Recorder- Strong magnetic absorption can be attached to anywhere, under bed, office desk, car seat, making the recording easily and secretly Noise can be reduced by irritation the recording sound is clear.
    • Stellar Technical Support- We offer LIFETIME SUPPORT just for you to be sure that every customer get satisfying service. Any problems when use the voice recorder, refer to our user manual or instruction video carefully or contact us freely for support through our email, we provide satisfying resolution for any problems, comments and concerns
    • Important NotePlease update date and time(set up time stamp) at computer before first use.If you can not play recordings(WAV format), please download/use Player that support play WAV format file. Please refer to user manual carefully or check Instruction Video at Video part if you have operation problem. Some tools are EXE format which may not support by Mac computer, use by Windows