Mini Voice Recorder, 16GB Digital Voice Activated Recorder with Clip, Stereo Audio Sound Recorder MP3 Player 1160 Hours Recordings Capacity for Lectures, Meetings, Class

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Brand: Hfuear

Mini Voice Recorder, 16GB Digital Voice Activated Recorder with Clip, Stereo Audio Sound Recorder MP3 Player 1160 Hours Recordings Capacity for Lectures, Meetings, Class

Record all that matters!

Have you ever been troubled that you could not catch up teachers' speaking while taking notes?

Have you ever experienced that you could not type fast enough while in a meeting?

Have you ever got a random, brilliant idea while having no way of writing it down?

This subtle and practical Hfuear Mini Digital Voice Record may just exactly satisfy what you need in a voice recording device.

Key Features for A Voice Recorder

Superior Sound Quality

The voice recorder provides Hi-fi class sound that is close to the original, bring you a different audio experience, don't miss it, you deserve to have.

It supports MP3/ WMA/ WAV/ APE/ FLAC/ OGG/ AAC formats.

Voice Activated Recording

Voice Activated Recordings with select-able levels for sound activation sensor.

When set up AVR mode, the voice recorder will automatically start recording only when sounds are detected in range to reduces blank and whispering snippet, saving time and memory.

Variable Speed Playback

Do you often need revise important lectures and meetings later on?

With A-B repeat function and fast forward and rewind, you’ll never miss a single word that is important to you.

Quick Recording

The voice recorder is very easy to use with simple instruction and intuitive display screen.

Quickly start recording by long press "M" button at any interface, save recording by press "Return" button.

Voice Recorder with Multi-function

Bluetooth Function

Play recording/music through bluetooth speaker/headset via this function. It reduces the power consumption and keep you away from the cables.


1.The Bluetooth function CANNOT be used as a data connection, such as connecting a mobile phone to Bluetooth.Only available for audio output, such as a Bluetooth headset or a loudspeaker.

2.Please connect wired earphone when you use FM Radio.

3.Does not support AAC, OGG, FLAC format via bluetooth

OTG Function

The device support quick file transmission from the device to phone through OTG function.

Please make sure that your mobile support OTG connected function (note that it is only support Android device with Micro USB)

Use the cable we offer you , connect the OTG type to Android device, connect the micro usb to the mp3 player, then you could transfer data or download the file.

Back Clip Design

The voice recorder with back clip can be firmly attached in your short, pocket, armband for clip-on design. Keeps your hand free when walking or running. Keep the recording secret when attached to your clothes. Easy to carry around.

It can also be used as a watch if you attach it to a watchband. A large LCD screen offers intuitive time display.

Time Stamped Design

Move, delete or find audio files easily, as all your saved audio files are automatically marked with timestamp (year-month-hour-minute-second), quickly lock out the file you are looking for.

Build your favorite recordings/music folders according to your taste by computers. You can easily find files you want. Folder view is an optional view that lets you view all the files on your player.

What can you get?

1 x Voice Recorder

1 x USB Cable

1 x Back Clip

1 x User Manual

1 x After-sale Card

1 x Wired Earphone (free gift)

1 x OTG Connector (free gift)

1 x Type C Connector (free gift)

Outer dimensions - 1.42*1.42*0.43 in

Weight – 1.23 ounces

Unique Features

  • 16GB Memory
  • Hi-Fi Lossless Sound up tp 1536kbps
  • Voice Activated Recording
  • Quick Recording & Time Stamped
  • Back Clip & Mini Size
  • Bluetooth 4.0 & OTG Function
  • E-book & FM Radio

  • 16GB Mini Voice RecorderThe mini recording device with 16GB internal memory, 1536Kbps recording resolution, supports MP3 format, could store up to 1160 hours of recorded files or 5000 songs. Built-in rechargeable 200mAh lithium battery, charging 1.5 hours, support 25 hours continuous recording.Built Bluetooth 4.0, means faster transmission speed, you can play the music through Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headset.
  • Sensor Voice Activated Recorder Activates the recorder only when an audible sound is detected, conserving space and eliminating soundless passages. A-B repeat/fast forward & rewind during. Long press M enter start recording, press Return to save the recording and return.
  • Easier to browse filesBrowse/listen to audio files in multiple ways, you could browse/listen to your audio recordings files on Windows/Mac PC without needing any software.Or browse/listen to your audio recordings files by Android devices(OTG) anytime and anywhere.(This OTG adapter is included
  • Mini Voice RecorderMini designed voice recorder, only 441.4 cm and 36g weight, it could very easy to take with you in anywhere, like your pocket, wallet, backpack. It could recording your lectures, meetings, interviews, class, speeches easily.
  • Multi-functionalThis voice recorder not only supports Voice Recorder, Wireless Connection, FM Radio, File browser and E-book reading (support txt format only),but also supports time screen, one button to lock,A-B repeat.It is an useful gift for students, professors, teachers, businessman, lawyers, writers, blogger, journalist. Buy it now with quick customer service from the date of purchase