Mini Voice Recorder,Lgsixe 16GB Small USB Recording Compatible with Windows,Slim Digital Sound Audio Record Device (Black)

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Brand: Lgsixe

Mini Voice Recorder,Lgsixe 16GB Small USB Recording Compatible with Windows,Slim Digital Sound Audio Record Device (Black)

  • OTG, abbreviated from “On-The-Go”, allows Android smartphones (Android 4.2 and above), to act as a host, allowing other USB devices, such as USB flash drives, card readers, digital cameras, mice or keyboards, to be attached to them. By connecting a USB flash drive to an Android smartphone via an OTG cable, you can realize direct data transfer between the phone and the drive.

8GB voice recorder USB Usb Flash Drive Voice Recorder 16gb Usb Flash Drive Voice Recorder 16gb product features: Small recorder Small recorder Small recorder battery duration: 15 hours 10 hours 10 hours Recording bitrate: 128Kbps 384Kbps 384Kbps Support System: Windows Windows / Android OTG Windows Size, Weight (including battery) 2.95" x 0.87" x 0.39",1.12 oz. 2.95" x 0.87" x 0.39",1.12 oz. 2.95" x 0.87" x 0.39",1.12 oz.

Play Recording on the Andriod Phone and PC

  • With 2 USB Ports, this Voice Recorder can support playback files not only on the PC
  • (Windows system) but also on the Android Phone( Android OTG required).
  • Better Recording Quality & Material
  • This voice recorder is made of strong and light Aluminum Alloy material, in addition to
  • with 384Kbps resolution, more than 70db SNR, Which Makes the recording quality is
  • better than that of similar products.

Important Tips

  • How to set the time stamp of the recordings: ( just need to set it up at
  • the beginning, and then you will always get the right time stamp of the recordings.)
  • After connecting the voice recorder to computer with USB, create a new "txt" file in the
  • "record" folder, and the content is the current year, month, date, hour, minute and
  • second, and then save it.
  • Support System: Windows2000/XP/vista/7/8/10/Android (Contain OTG)


  • Push the power button to “ON” position – Start Recording – Blue light flashes
  • Push the power button to “OFF” position – Recording has been saved
  • Charging: Connect to the PC port via USB, LED red light on.
  • Lgsixe will provide you with the best shopping experience.
  • Note It is recommended that the device is notused in noisy environment.

  • Lgsixe USB voice recorder - this digital audio Recorder voice activated one time full charge (3 hours) support 15 hours continuous recording, Perfect small recording device for lectures, college class, college, speeches, interviews or meetings. never worry about one day meeting or lectures and personal dictation now. Measuring only 2.76inch 0.8inch - 0.31 inch and weighting only 0.44 ounces, Digital Recorder is smaller than Recording Pen.
  • Plug USB sound recorder into your computer port and a folder of recorded WAV files appears immediately. Super simple compared to other recording devices. One step plug and play access to files.
  • Small voice recorder is the same size and look of a simple USB thumb drive. This USB audio recorder has no markings indicating it is a recording device. No flashing light when voice recording.
  • BEST AND SIMPLEST USB VOICE RECORDER- record sound, talks, conferences, concerts, sermons, ceremonies, training sessions, telephone conversations, radio programs, agreements. Use as a digital Dictaphone, musical instrument practice, capture arguments. Good back up for incident or police report, doctor's instructions, or legal matters.
  • VERSATILE This portable recording device will change your life. Use this digital voice recorder to extend your memory, capture great ideas, record conversations, meetings, and business agreements. The simplest and best voice recorder for all your audio ecording needs. Use one while the other is charging. Always have one ready for use. Lgsixe offer 12 months product warranty, buy with confidence from Lgsixe voice recorder.