moofit ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor with Chest Strap Bluetooth HR Sensor IPX7 Waterproof Compatible with Zwift, Rouvy, TRX, EliteHRV, Peloton, Strava for iOS, Android (MooFit app Unavailable)

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Brand: moofit

moofit ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor with Chest Strap Bluetooth HR Sensor IPX7 Waterproof Compatible with Zwift, Rouvy, TRX, EliteHRV, Peloton, Strava for iOS, Android (MooFit app Unavailable)


The Heart Rate Monitors integrated with Bluetooth and ANT+ technology, allowing for pair with smartphones, tablets, GPS watches and bike computers.


Via the Bluetooth connection of the heart rate monitor, you can follow workouts on your phone or iPad using apps such as Wahoo Fitness, Zwift, Polar Beat, Endomondo, Rouvy, Peloton and more.


You can wear the heart rate sensor while cycling and pair it with your bike computer.It can also connect it to your sport watch, cycling platform.


It is more convenient that you can clean the chest strap after removing it from the sensor.


Chest strap made with fabric material, more comfortable to wear. Provide you with good fitness experience.


Built-in replaceable button battery, with 9-12 months working time. Easy to replace, use the coin to unscrew and replace the battery.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to connect the HRM with a device?

A: Be wearing the heart rate monitor first (Wet the electrode area) when you pair it, your heart rate will active the sensor so it will be detected via Bluetooth or ANT+. If you aren't wearing the monitor it was in sleep mode and cannot be found.

Q: Work/lifetime?

A: The life span of the chest strap is 100 washes or 6 months. Long-term sweat soaking and multiple washes will make the resistance value of the chest strap change and shorten the life span.

Separate the sensor and the chest strap after exercise every time, and clean the chest strap with water, which will help extend the life of the hrm.

Q: Compatible apps?

A: According to our current testing and user feedback, these applications can be connected to our APP normally. Due to system and APP upgrades, we will update the support list regularly.

RECOMMEND APPS: Wahoo Fitness, Openrider, Zwift, Elite HRV, Endomondo, Peloton, Rouvy, etc.

Q: Compatible fitness equipment?

A: The HRM supports standard Bluetooth/ANT+ certified fitness equipment. Please refer to the fitness equipment official information.

Q: The accuracy of the data?

A: Our heart rate equipment has been tested by millions of people/times and can reach an error of ±1bpm.

  • polyester
  • CONNECTIVITY The heart rate monitor chest strap integrated with Bluetooth and ANT technology. You can also use Bluetooth and ANT connections simultaneously.
  • REAL-TIME DATA DISPLAY Exact monitoring of your training heart rate and calorie consumption in real-time, more accurate than optical heart rate monitor. Analysis of your fitness data and push to beat your goals.
  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR The ant heart rate monitor made of fabric, more comfortable to wear, and does not slip when moving, a fully adjustable chest strap can be adjusted from 65 to 95 cm. Offer you a good fitness experience.
  • REPLACEABLE BATTERY The Heart Rate Sensor comes with a replaceable CR2032 battery, battery life lasts 10-12 months. And designed IPX7 waterproof, but not suitable for swimming.
  • BROAD COMPATIBILITY Compatible with Hundreds of third-party fitness apps including Zwift, Heart Graph, Wahoo Fitness, Endomondo, CoospoRide, Peloton, and many more.
  • SPORT TYPE Exercise, Fitness, Cycling, Yoga, etc.
  • Moisten the lower chest strap before use (drying will cause the heart rate value to be inaccurate or the signal unstable). Be wearing the heart rate monitor first when you pair it.
  • If you use the monitor with a fitness app, please note that it can be only paired in the Fitness APP via Bluetooth.
  • Static electricity generated by the friction of the clothes will cause the value to be inaccurate or make the sensor defective, try to wear cotton Sportswear.
  • Separate the sensor and chest strap after finish the exercise every time.