Philosoft Bubble Laser Pad Acuti Tree Cleansing Sheet, 20EA, 1EA

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Philosoft Bubble Laser Pad Acuti Tree Cleansing Sheet

20 ea x 1 ea


Purified water, betaine, salicylic acid, centella asiatica leaf extract, tea tree leaf extract, papain, bulgaris mugwort extract, virginia prickly pear extract, green tea extract.


A cleansing pad that doesn't burden sensitive skin with the synergy effect of soft microfiber fabric and green balancing complex.

How to use:

1. After moistening your face with water, moisten the pad with water to create enough foam.
2. Using a cotton pad (embossed), gently rub the entire face in a circle to cleanse.
3. Gently tidy up dead skin cells along the skin texture with green microfiber (soft cotton) and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.


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