Procera NeuroGenius ??Clinically Studied Nootropic Brain Health Supplement | Breakthrough Neuron Repair Formula | Supports Brain Lipid Health | Memory & Focus Supplement | ALA, Selenium, Ginseng

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Brand: Procera


  • HELPS YOUR BRAIN WORK BETTER & FASTER: Procera NeuroGenius represents a breakthrough in nootropic brain support formulas. NeuroGenius is a doctor formulated, clinically studied, patent pending neuron repair and brain performance supplement that is clinically shown to enhance numerous vital brain functions including: memory, focus, accuracy, reaction time, problem solving, information processing, flexible thinking and emotional intelligence.
  • HOW NEUROGENIUS WORKS: Neuro Genius works by restoring and protecting damaged lipids (fats) in the brain. Lipids, which make up approximately 60% of overall brain volume, are essential for all brain function. Not only do lipids form the protective outer membrane on all brain neurons, they also function as signal carriers. Unfortunately, neuronal lipids are susceptible to damage from aging and lifestyle factors such as stress, lack of sleep, poor diet & environmental toxins.
  • NEURON HEALTH & OVERALL BRAIN PERFORMANCE: By supporting the lipid repair process in brain cells damaged by oxidative stress and free radicals, overall brain function can be improved. In short, a well-functioning, healthy brain needs healthy neurons, and healthy neurons need healthy lipids. NeuroGenius is uniquely designed to support the protection and repair of brain lipids, making it an effective overall brain performance enhancer.
  • BRAIN ANTIOXIDANT NOOTROPIC FORMULA: NeuroGenius contains a patent-pending combination of Gotu Kola (Centella Extract), Panax Ginseng, Alpha Lipoic Acid ALA, Selenium and Vitamin E. These powerful brain antioxidant and nootropic ingredients have been carefully formulated and clinically studied to optimize neuron health and brain performance. By providing lipid protection and neuron repair support, NeuroGenius helps the brain works better and faster.
  • COMPLETE BRAIN HEALTH: Since 2005, Procera has been the industry leader in natural brain health formulas. Our products are always research driven and science based. For complete brain care, NeuroGenius stacks well with Procera Protect (Brain Antioixidant and Detoxifier), Procera Memory Support (Improves Blood Flow) and Procera Essentials -3 (Lipid Building Blocks).

Part Number: NG60BTL

Details: Discover Your Genius - boosts important everyday cognitive functions such as short term memory, reaction time, information processing and problem solving. Doctor Formulated - Formulated by PhD Neuroscientist, Dr. Shawn Watson. The ingredients in NeuroGenius protect, repair and enhance neuronal function, which are vital to brain health. Clinically Studied - NeuroGenius is supported by a pilot finished good clinical study and numerous ingredient studies. Powered By Natural Ingredients - NeuroGenius is comprised of high quality natural herbs, vitamins and minerals that are well tolerated.

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