Tennis Elbow Brace Pain Relief for Tendonitis with Metal Buckle Compression Pad with 4 Adjustable Band Straps 2-Count Arm Wrist Brace Fit for Women, Men and Kids, Physical Therapy

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Tennis Elbow Brace Pain Relief for Tendonitis with Metal Buckle Compression Pad with 4 Adjustable Band Straps 2-Count Arm Wrist Brace Fit for Women, Men and Kids, Physical Therapy

Perfect Elbow Brace Support for Tennis Elbow Players and Golfers' Elbow

Do you really know what are tennis elbow and golfer?™s elbow ?

Both tennis elbow and golfer?™s elbow are forms of an inflammation of tendons that closes to the elbow,they are usually caused by overuse of the wrist ex-tensor muscle, causing the muscle tendon to become swelling and irritated.

Who is Likely to Get Tennis Elbow? People who have jobs that involve repetitive motions of the wrist and arm are more likely to develop tennis elbow such as plumbers, painters, carpenters, butchers,cooks,tennis player, golfers, baseball players,bowlers,landscapers, cleaners, carpenters, driver, IT programmer, worker, etc.

Tennis elbow is an muscle strain injury from repetitive arm or wrist activities. It results in an inflammation of the outside of the elbow and forearm areas. Therefore,some people,like tennis players, basketball,plumbers, carpenters, painters, typist,and cooks etc are prone to get tennis elbow. Additionally,racking, gardening and cutting wood could also result in tennis elbow.

Golfer?™s Elbow, an irritation on the inner side of the arm and elbow, is caused by activities that require repeated twisting or flexing (bending downwards) of the wrist. It is an overuse of the forearm muscles. Therefore, people who often play golf, baseball ,softball or do the tasks like gardening, shoveling, ball -throwing, weightlifting,carpentry etc are tend to get golfer?™s elbow.

tennis elbow brace with compression pad

Tennis /Golfer's Elbow Brace with Compassion Pad

With breathable fabric material, it will aid in healing and keep your muscles and tendons warm. It can also deal with uncomfortable sweating and itchiness that comes with other tennis elbow braces.

  • Symptoms of Golfers Elbow as below:
  • Pain on the medial part of the elbow
  • Painful when twisting the forearm, or making a fist
  • Stiffness in the elbow or weakness in the hands or wrist

What is main difference between tennis elbow and golfer??elbow?

Tennis elbow affects the lateral, or outside of the elbows while golfer?™s elbow affects the medial, or inside of the elbows, therefore, the biggest difference is where you feel pain. The pain of Tennis elbow is felt on the outside of your elbow, however, the pain of golfer?™s elbow is felt on the inside of your elbow.

  • Symptoms of Tennis Elbow as below:
  • Pain on the lateral part of the elbow
  • Pain run from the outer elbow to the forearm the wrist
  • Weaker in grip, like shaking hands and picking up items

Wear the Elbow Brace

A padded elbow brace will help protect your elbow or wrist from being painful when playing tennis , golf or fishing etc

Stretching Exercises

Doing some special exercises to stretch and strength the muscles of the arms and wrists,You will feel comfortable after exercising

Manual therapy

You can use your hands to put pressure on muscle tissue and manipulate joints, which will effectively help relieve elbow pain

Ultrasound therapy

The arm is exposed to high-frequency sound waves. This warms the tissue, which improves the circulation of blood

Why choose us:

??Upgraded Compression Pad: Each 1-1.2cm thick EVA compression pad provides sufficient support, firm and comfortable, can effectively relieve elbow pain.

??Upgraded Buckle: Other tennis elbow straps only use cheap plastic buckles while we have upgraded to stainless steel buckles, thus ours are durable, not easy to break and enjoying longer life.

??2 Pack: You will get two high quality tendonitis elbow bands. One can be placed in a travel bag, one can be placed at home, just keep one as a backup, or give it to a friend or family member as a gift.

??Easy to Adjust: A pair of small(12.6 inches) and a pair of medium(16.9 inches) straps are included, which are very easy to adjust and suitable for almost all forearm.

??Excellent quality. Our improved tennis elbow supports is more durable, superior to other cheap ones.

??Clear Instructions: Clear instructions will be provided and they will clearly illustrate how to use our tennis elbow band to effectively relieve pain.

  • Two Sizes Fits All One pair adjustable tennis elbow strap comes with 4 compression straps, referring to 2 sizes that one is with length of 12.6 inches, the other is up to 17 inches long. The arm braces fully fit different forearm circumferences and perfect tennis elbow brace for men and women as will as kids. A must have for those who suffer from tennis elbow and tendonitis, like golfers, baseball players, bowlers, gardeners, landscapers, Drivers,carpenters, and mechanics, etc.
  • Padded and ComfortableThe tendonitis elbow brace are padded with improved EVA compression pad (thickness up to 0.47), which is designed to provide more effective elbow protection and help reduce elbow swelling,aches or twinge associated with tennis,basketball, golfer's elbow, tendonitis or overuse as well as other uncomfortable elbow-feelings.
  • Durable&Skin-friendly MaterialsThe arm tendonitis band are made with durable fabric that is friendly and breathable to your skin unlike others that irritate or cut your skin.Tendonitis band will effectively avoid uncomfortable sweating and itchiness that comes with other style tennis elbow braces,If you are sensitive skin, please do not use this product.
  • Simple Fastener For Easier AdjustThese compression braces are equipped with nylon hook and loop fasteners, which them easily adjustable. They allow you to position the brace in any place on your arm . They will fasten anywhere that the adjustable straps comes into contact with the brace.Equipped with Four adjustable and improved straps, it allows you to tighten or loosen at your comfort level.If you feel that the pad is too hard, you can loosen the strap appropriately.
  • Compact and Multi-functional The arm straps are compact, they do not have wide and long elbow wraps like elbow sleeves, they are shorter, simple and mostly reduce discomfort from unnecessary arm wraps. Moreover, they provide effective forearm protection and arm pain relief from tennis elbow, tendonitis,golfers elbow,arthritis,lifting, and other overuse of elbows etc.