UeeVii Voice Recorder with Magnetic Super Long 365 Day Standby Battery Life, 30 Day Continuous, 1000 Hr Storage Capacity 16GB, Audio Recorder Suitable for Conferences, Business Negotiations

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Brand: UeeVii

UeeVii Voice Recorder with Magnetic Super Long 365 Day Standby Battery Life, 30 Day Continuous, 1000 Hr Storage Capacity 16GB, Audio Recorder Suitable for Conferences, Business Negotiations

Do you want a portable,good quality,multi-functional,reliable digital voice recorder? This is exactly what you need.This voice recorder is useful for meeting,class,lectures,conferences,interviews,concert,telephone, Mp3 player .


- Red recording indicator light blinks when recording

- Do not shut down the device until you press STOP to saving recording properly

- Do not shut down the device, when you format the device, until it shows “format completed”

- If the recorder can not record suddenly,please backup your important file on computer and then format the recorder

- If indicator light not blink or shows abnormally,please backup your important file and choose quick format to get it to factory setting

- If errors shows when connect with computer,check whether the usb cable plug properly and the computer have device driver.

-The recorder support file with MP3/WMA/WAV

- Any errors, get customer support quickly, with satisfactory solutions

365 Days Standby Recording

The voice recorder with 2850mAh battery allows maximum 365 days stand by time, continuous recording for over 24 hours and 500 hours normal recording after each fully powered. If use 'Long Hour Recording' function, the recording time will be longer.(operation refer to user manual)

The compact body of UeeVii Voice Recorder brings you convenience, reduces the pain of being too large, and shows you all the progress

If you want more privacy in the meeting room;

If you just want to record your conversation in a special way;

If you want to record the method taught by the teacher in class;

UeeVii Voice Recorder is your best choice. Can bring you better enjoyment

DGC Reduction Ensure Clear Voice&Intelligent Voice Activate Recording

Voice recorder has dynamic noise reduction with 1536 kbps recording resolution make the voice crystal clear which is perfect for appointment, lectures, class, speeches, meetings, interviews etc

The voice recorder will automatically start recording when hearing voice and stop recording when voice disappear which prevent empty recording and save space

File with Time Stamp & USB Rechargeable

Set up the Time Stamp function and the file will be saved with year/month/day for easy file management;Simply connect recorder with computer and set up time at time stamp files(user manual)

The voice recorder is charged by supplied USB cable,you can connect it with computer or adapter.once fully charged,it can be used for about 24 hours continuously

Technical Specifications:

- 16 GB Internal Memory

- 3200 mAh Battery

- Dimensions: 70mm x 20mm x 20mm

- Audio format: MP3, WMA, WAV

- 60ft Long Distance Recording

- 19-20 days Continuous Recording Time

- 365 days Standby Time

Easy operation

The voice recorder can be easily operated with one push recording and unique line control. By pushing on/off button, you can quickly start/save recording. Playback is operated by line control which make the operation much easier

Slimmest Voice Recorder with Super Long 15 Hr Standby Battery Life Slimmest Voice Recorder with Super Long 25 Hr Standby Battery Life Battery life 15 hr 30hr Recording quality 192KBPS 128 kbps Recording format WAV. MP3 Dimension 1.5 x 0.98x 0.25 inches 1.57 x 1.57 x 0.2 inches Extra features Aluminum casing | Impact resistant Aluminum casing | Impact resistant Voice-Activated ✓ ✓
  • Long standby time & Large storage capacity The voice recorder supports 500 Hr continuous recording with a powerful 30-day continuous playing time,365days standby time.The audio recorder 16GB internal memory let you store up to 1000 hours of recordings (record at 32kbps) or 3000 songs
  • Latest hidden design & Simple operationThe digital voice recorder Using the latest design, with a powerful magnet on the side, you can paste it in any hidden place as needed.Voice control design, compact body, achieve the best concealment function. The voice recorder Simply click the Rec button to record and the Play button to playback, operation can't even be any more easier with this recording device.
  • Intelligent Noise ReductionThe audio recorder use 192KBPS recording bit rate. Built-in dual stereo high quality microphone for full and detailed stereo sound, as well as clear, high quality long distance recording. With PCM lossless professional recording technology and professional noise reduction chip, it can intelligently enhance human voice recording and filter background noise for 360 stereo HD recording.
  • Smart SettingsThe audio recorder after continuous recording of 5 hours, the recorder will save the recording file automatically then move on to the next recording. When the battery is too low during recording, it will automatically save the file being recorded to prevent it from being lost due to insufficient battery power.The digital voice recorder 16 playback speed, fast forward and rewind during playback.
  • Customer ServiceTo buy the UeeVii audio recorder, we will provide you with service 24 hours a day. At the same time we provide 1 year warranty service