Vitamin D3 K2 Liquid Drops w/ K2 MK7 - Full 2,000 IU Per Drop, Liquid Vitamin D K2 Drops for Adults & Kids, Best Vitamin D Drops, Natural, Vegan & Safe, Vitamin D Dropper Bottle w/ 900 Doses in 1 oz

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Brand: MaxX Labs

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  • Supports Bone & Heart Health: MaxX Labs pure vitamin D + K liquid drops are a potent blend of vitamin D3 + MK7 from natto containing 2000 IU per drop to support bone health, immune system, osteoporosis, fractures, cardiovascular health & heart health.
  • Potent Formula: This Vitamin D vegan D3 supplement is the best way to get your daily intake of Vitamin D K2 and MK-7. Our Vitamin D drops for kids & adults do not contain magnesium glycinate and are not sublingual.
  • Vitamin D Booster: Indoor light is not enough to produce vitamin D so if you're not getting enough D3 exposure from sunlight, then this supplement is perfect for you. Vitamin D3 with Vitamin K2 MK7 provides greater support for getting Calcium to your bones than Vitamin D3 alone, which ultimately makes you stronger.
  • High Absorption: Our Vitamin D3 + K2 supplements have superior bio-availability, which allows them to seamlessly absorb into your bloodstream. This K2 D3 vitamin supplement is formulated as a capsule that is free of gluten, GMOs, solvents, preservatives, artificial ingredients, and allergens.
  • Easy to Take: Each bottle of MaxX Labs Vitamin K2 D3 MK7 comes with an easy-to-use liquid dropper. Take 1 drop of vitamin D liquid daily with a meal or as directed by a healthcare professional. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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Details: VITAMIN D3 LIQUID IS THE SAFE AND HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE TO SUN EXPOSURE If you spend most of your time indoors because of fear of skin cancer or premature aging, you could be experiencing the onset of a Vitamin D deficiency. Many parts of the country are either too cold or constantly overcast and don't provide your body with the needed exposure to UVB rays in order to prevent a Vitamin D deficiency. VITAMIN D3 IS CRUCIAL FOR THE GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT, AND PRESERVATION OF THE HUMAN BODY AT EVERY STAGE OF LIFE! Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) is formed in the skin when UVB rays interact with its precursor 7-dehydrocholesterol. It then travels through the bloodstream to the liver to produce calcidiol and subsequently calcitriol, the physiologically active form of Vitamin D. In this hormonal (cytokine) state, Vitamin D assists with bone metabolism, neuromuscular function and nutrient uptake. It aids in the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. ??No Big Capsules or Pills to Swallow Which is Especially Useful with Small Children ??Get the Vitamin D3 Your Body Requires Without Harmful Exposure to UVB Rays ??Helps Your Body Absorb and Metabolism of Calcium and Phosphorus ??Crucial for the Growth, Development & Preservation of Your Body ??Benefits Your Body's Neuromuscular Function and Nutrient Uptake ??Assists Your Skeletal Structure with Bone Metabolism MaxX Lab's Vitamin D3 Liquid has been formulated to outperform all others on the market and delivers 2,000 (I.U.) in every drop ! MaxX Labs provides you with a "100% Risk Free Purchase" and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Order now to start getting your daily dose of Vitamin D3 - which is so critical to a healthy you!

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