YDEROD 8GB Digital Voice Activated Recorder for Lectures, Meetings, Interviews - HD Sound Mini Portable Audio Recorder with Playback, USB, MP3, A-B Repeat

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YDEROD 8GB Digital Voice Activated Recorder for Lectures, Meetings, Interviews - HD Sound Mini Portable Audio Recorder with Playback, USB, MP3, A-B Repeat

YDEROD E609 Digital Voice Recorder for Lectures, meeting, Interviews - 16GB

Are you troubled that you always forget the focus of the meeting?

Are you always troubled by not being able to understand the teacher in class?

YDEROD digital recorder will meet all your needs.

Why choose YDEROD digital recorder?

A-B Repeat

1. In the playback state, press the "DEL/A-B" key to enter the A-B repeat function, and start the repeat start point ‘A’.

2. Press the "DEL/A-B" key again to end the repetition end point ‘B’.

3. Then the file will repeat the content between the start point ‘A’ and the end point ‘B’, and then short press the "DEL/A-B" key to cancel.

Simple Operation

REC: Recording

STOP: Saving

PLAY/PAUSE: Playing and Pausing

Voice Activated Recording

This mini recorder device will catch the voice of the conversation only, no more silence snippets or whispers in the recording.

Portable Design

Small and portable size, well-operated buttons, make it easier for you to use, and can be easily carried in your pocket or wallet.

Easy File Management

The details of each file with time stamps make it easier to find files, improve work efficiency and save time.

MP3 Player

The digital recorder can play music, you can enjoy your favorite music anytime, anywhere.

Package Included:

1*8G Digital Voice Recorder

1*USB Cable

1*User Manual

E609 Voice Recorder E909 Voice Recorder Memory 8GB 16GB Record Format WAV WAV/MP3 Headphone ✓ ✓ Voice activated recording ✓ ✓ Password protection ✓ Support SD Card ✓ Recording quality 384kbps 1536kbps Feature Voice Activated Recording / A-B Repeat / Fast Forward&Rewind / Portable / MP3 Player One-key recording / Zinc alloy body / Time stamp / Voice Activated Recording / A-B Repeat / MP3 Player / Automatically save files before power off
  • Clear Recording Support long-distance recording and external speaker playback. Upgraded noise-cancelling microphone can enhance vocal recording and filter out background noise to achieve stereo HD recording.
  • High Capacity in Battery and Memory Built-in 8GB storage capacity and rechargeable lithium battery, support up to 18 hours of continuous recording, 8GB audio recorder can save up to 580 hours of recording files, allowing you to focus on note recording.
  • Powerful Function Support With A-B repeat, variable Playback Speed, high speed charging and data transfer and rewind functions during playback.
  • Simple Operation and Voice-activated Recording Three-button operation design allows you to easily use and save files. The AVR mode has an automatic voice detection function, it will automatically record and save, reduce the silent period, reduce the recording file time and playback time.
  • Wide Application Not only a mini recorder, but also a music player. High-quality recording and light and concise design make it the best choice/gift for students and professionals to record speeches, meetings, interviews, and speeches.