Zicam Cold Remedy Citrus RapidMelts, 25 Quick Dissolve Tablets

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Brand: Zicam


  • Zicam Cold Remedy RapidMelts Zinc Tablets: These non-drowsy cold remedy tablets contain zinc, which helps shorten the length of colds when taken at the first sign; Getting better tastes better with Zicam Cold Remedy
  • Zicam RapidMelts Cold Remedy: Our quick-dissolve tablets are different from most other cold medicine that just treats symptoms; They're clinically proven to shorten colds when taken at the first sniffle, sneeze and cough
  • From Cold to No Cold Faster: Zicam Cold Remedy products are clinically proven to shorten colds when taken at the first sign, so you feel better, faster; Help calm your cold with Zicam Cold Remedy products like our nasal spray, swabs and RapidMelt tablets
  • Zicam Homeopathic Remedies: Known for Zicam Cold Remedy products, we also offer products for homeopathic allergy relief and nasal congestion and sinus relief
  • Zicam for Shorter Colds: Zicam homeopathic cold remedy is meant to be used in the beginning of a cold; Try Zicam the next time you feel the first sniffle, sneeze or cough of an oncoming cold; Satisfaction guaranteed

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Release Date: 15-11-2018

model number: 201045A

Part Number: 00732216503616

Details: Number one zinc oral cold remedy brand based on unit and dollar sales data--IRI Total US Multi-Outlet--latest 52 weeks-ending 2/23/20. Why is the common cold so common? With more than 200 different viruses that can trigger a cold--and the fact that they spread easily--colds are the most common viral infection. Each year, people in the United States suffer 1 billion colds. People who are suffering from colds may spread the virus into the air or onto something they touch every time they sneeze or cough. If you touch a surface that?™s carrying a cold virus and then touch your mouth, nose, or eyes, you could become infected. The easiest and most effective ways to prevent a cold are to wash your hands and stay away from people with colds. Clean hands can stop germs such as the cold virus from spreading from one person to another.

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